“After a severe lower back diagnosis, I always feared exercise and staying fit. My back would go out every few months. I tried several trainers as well as physio. Gary, you have done wonders for me. Over the past 10 years, I have no more pain. Thanks to your attention to detail and your training system, I can train and live my life pain free. My friends and family say that I have the body of a twenty year old. I am very fit, lean and my energy levels are the best they’ve ever been. At 41, I never thought I would love fitness as much as I do. Thank you Gary for changing my life.”
Sylvie G.,
Business owner, Clothing manufacturing, Sales

“I suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis and have always slept with many of my joints bandaged. I had difficulty grasping and walking. Within months of corrective conditioning, muscle redevelopment began to appear. I am no longer dependent on the huge cocktail of medications that were prescribed to me. I was able to do cardio for the first time in my life. My performance at work and my life finally opened up. Thank you Gary for your diligence and your never ending drive to get me back to a normal life. Your training system truly changed my life, I’m eternally grateful.”
Gail Z.,
Sales, Men’s apparel

“After suffering a life-threatening four-wheeler accident with a dozen rib fractures, I was introduced to Gary, who helped me through the tedious task of recovery. Not only did I fully recover, he helped eliminate my sciatica and also redevelop my posture. My second goal was to lose 30 pounds. I lost 40. Gary, you’ve enabled me to concentrate on proper nutrition and lifestyle management. You’ve really saved my life. I look forward to every session and am a student for life.”
Richard G.,
Financier, Businessman

“When I first started one-on-one, I knew absolutely nothing about fitness. After 10 years of Gary’s programs, diets and training techniques, I recently won my professional card and am now a world champion body figure athlete. Gary, you’re incredible attention to detail and vast knowledge of nutrition has helped me finally attain my goals. Because of you, I’ve dedicated my life and career to health, wellness and fitness. Can you believe I now appear regularly in Oxygen magazine! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
Mymouna N.,
World Champion Body figure Athlete, Prof. Trainer

“My brother trained with Gary for almost 10 years and always spoke about his vast knowledge and experience and how his biggest asset was his motivation. I approached Gary with one goal in mind, to lose 50 pounds. Not only did I lose the 50 pounds in 12 months, he helped me develop a lifestyle plan that includes regular exercise and rules to live by. Gary, my brother was right. You are clearly a great motivator. I highly recommend you and the PFTS system.”

Riva S.,
Business owner, Entrepreneur

“Gary has redeveloped my age old habits and encouraged me to believe in myself and reach my personal goals. He has shown me the way to correct my posture from the inside out. As a medical professional, I could relate and understand his techniques of human mechanics. After a very long battle with an illness, Gary was instrumental in assisting my recovery by keeping me focused and positive. Thank you Gary, I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for you.”
Dr. Steven S.,
Emergency Room Doctor

“Ten years ago, I could have never imagined myself competing at a national level bodybuilding competition. Thanks to you Gary, I’m another one of your success stories. I went from a 40 inch waist and over 30% body fat, weighing 230 pounds to competing at 190 pounds at 4% body fat. My self-esteem and confidence went from zero to one hundred. You’ve earned my respect and gratitude.”
Salim H.,
Electrical Engineer

“I had been struggling for years trying to lose weight using every weight loss program on the market, none of which seemed to work for me. I was referred to Gary through my own trainer. To date, I’ve lost a whopping 80 pounds. I am not the same person. Gary has to be the best motivator I’ve ever met. He developed a nutritional plan specific to my lifestyle. Gary, I will always sing your praises.”
Dr. Adie Y.,
ENT specialist

“After so many attempts at getting fit, I was referred to Gary by my father. He told Gary that I wouldn’t last two weeks. Six years later, I am still training three times a week with Gary. It is never boring, he challenges me at every angle. It’s a complete life change! I’ve become an addict of working out..ONCE A COUCH POTATO……NOW A CARDIO QUEEN!!!! Moving his practice into a private studio and working along side medical practitioners was another great step toward fulfilling his ongoing career. It feels like one big family.”
Marni C.,
Mother of 2, Housewife

“I stumbled upon Gary ten years ago. I was severely overweight and worried about my health. I weighed 280 pounds and counting. Gary introduced me to lifestyle rules before we started with dieting. After 18 months, I was down to 146 pounds. I wore a bikini for the first time in my life and began dating. True to his word, he never gave up on me. He connected with me from the beginning and always helped me envision the future as a healthy and active woman.”
Stella M.,

“ My background was in figure skating so I understood the need for regimen and lifestyle rules. I had not been active for years. I initially started with Gary to lose weight and some unsightly body-fat. After a few training sessions we were already working on my posture and lordosis. I never even realized that my curved spine was the source of many of my aches and pains, all those years of falling on my but led to this. Gary works with a team of professionals that aided me in changing some of my old habits. I now focus much of my attention on prevention first and fitness second. I am now running and training 5-6 days a week without pain and discomfort. I highly recommend prescriptive fitness and its excellent referral program.”
Ellen C.,
Mother of 2, Housewife

“I was a national swimming champion in my country. I had significant shoulder pain from years of overuse. Two months after training with Gary, the pain is gone. The cross referral program and their expertise helped me through it all. I’ve never been so aware of my body and what I need to do to improve it. As athletes, we tend to work ourselves hard but not necessarily smart. There was a direct correlation between the workouts I do and the pain I suffered. PFTS introduced me to professional indoor cycling. I am now in the best shape of my life thanks to their incredible indoor cycling program. It really is the gold standard of fitness.”

Hanni S,
Entrepreneur, Business owner

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