Nutrition Counseling

As part of a holistic approach to health, nutrition plays an integral role.  What you eat can influence your energy, your mood, even the amount of inflammation in your joints. When nutrition counseling is incorporated with your metabolic type you’ll get maximum results.

Hormone Balance

Proper nutrition, along with sleep wake cycles, is responsible for maintaining hormonal balance.  Hormones control your energy levels, moods, sex drive, weight gain, fat storage and the size of fat cells. All of these have a significant impact on your motivation and day to day activities. It is important to maintain your hormone levels in proper balance and proper nutrition can help you do that.

 Weight Management

Nutrition plays a major role in weight management. Social pressures and a lack of understanding lead to poor eating habits. While over eating can lead to weight gain, under eating can too. Starving the body leads to hormonal imbalance and the release of fat storage hormones. This is even more significant in women than in men. Read more on male and female differences that affect your training.

 Do not diet!

Traditional diets increase the size of fat cells and the enzymes responsible for fat storage. In addition, dieting decreases lean body mass, which equates to a decrease in your fat-burning capacity and metabolism.  Every time you go on a diet, you weaken your metabolism which makes each diet less effective than the last.

 Eat your protein!

Protein plays a big role in your overall health. Not getting enough can lead to:

  • Poor recovery from training
  • Fluctuating energy levels
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Major hormonal imbalance, which releases fat storage hormones and leads to weight gain

 What is Metabolic Typing?

Metabolic typing is the most effective system for weight loss and disease prevention.  This is a thoroughly researched and proven methodology that involves finding the right balance of food for your body.  This is not a commercialized product but a scientifically proven fact that is simple to learn and to follow.  Many of the fad diets are based in part on Metabolic Typing but have been spun into marketing programs to catch your interest and your dollars.

 Your Metabolism

In simple terms, your metabolism is how many calories your body needs to maintain itself.  Your metabolism breaks down the food you eat and uses the calories for energy or stores them as fat.

 Everyone metabolizes food differently. What gives you energy may cause bloating in someone else and weight gain in another.  Knowing your metabolic type and eating accordingly will help with fatigue, bloating, moodiness, and especially weight loss.  Metabolic typing can help you choose the right foods, in the right balance, for you.  This is not a diet; this is about making the right choices based on the way that your body processes different types of food, to achieve your optimal balance.

 History of Metabolic Typing

Metabolic typing was developed in the 1970’s by the US Government’s Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs, lead by the top scientists at the time.  Their results spurred the health movement that we are still seeing today – health stores in malls, gyms on every corner, group exercise classes, diets with the miracle answer to weight loss and “health oriented” food.

 What is YOUR Metabolic Type?

Your metabolic type will be determined by a simple questionnaire. If your eating habits are out of synch with your metabolic type, making the right dietary changes will help you reach your goal more quickly and with less effort.

 Diet Analysis:

Our diet analysis allows you to keep track of all the nutrients you’re consuming daily as well as nutrient deficiencies.

 Custom Meal Plans:

Our personalized meal plans include nutrient dense and hormonally balanced foods with no refined or artificial ingredients. They are based on your specific goals and needs, ranging from convenience to fat loss. All meals are designed with your health first and include the optimal combination of high quality proteins, essential fats and all other nutrient based foods.

 Shopping List:

Upon request, you will be provided with an itemized shopping list of all the foods you will need to get you started.

All candidates will benefit from our comprehensive nutritional guide:

  • Body composition analysis and chart
  • Basal/Resting Metabolic Rate (B/RMR) & Nutritional Analysis
  • Training Macronutrient mix-carbs, protein, fat
  • The lazy person’s portion control nutrition rule
  • Supplementation
  • Other nutritional tools & Information


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