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PFIT is a complementary partner for patient long term health and wellness.  We have a holistic approach to health and we can work with your patients on a regular, consistent schedule to help them achieve their health improvement goals.  We can provide regular reports and are open to communication as needed for each individual patient. 

We have many years of education in natural health, fitness, nutrition, stress management and other holistic services. Our qualifications include naturopath, posturologist, Kinesiologist, holistic lifestyle coach, clinical exercise practitioner, metabolic typist.

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More on Posturology
Posturology, while relatively new to Canada has been used in Europe for over 30 years, where it was developed by French physician Dr. Bricot.  The results have been phenomenal, patients who have spent years in excruciating pain find an initial decrease in their pain in their first session and relief over the course of treatment, generally 10-12 months.

Posturology is a unique therapy that addresses the true cause of certain ailments, not just the symptoms. Results are immediate and long lasting. Conventional therapies focus on symptoms and results are mostly temporary. What makes it unique is the specific nature of our post assessment system that analyses and corrects muscular imbalances.

How does it help your patients?
Posturology’s unique technique quickly restores functional movement so that patients can enjoy all of their activities. Many patients have improved so quickly they have even avoided pending surgeries.

Traditional teaching has shown us that the inner ear was responsible for our postural system. However, recent research shows that it is in fact the sensors of the body (skin, foot, muscles of the eyes, the bite and scars) that allow our bodies to move and adapt to our environment.

  • Hundreds of studies have been published in Neuro- Science that have overwhelmingly stated that it is in fact the foot (70%) and the muscles of the eyes (10%) that dominate our tonic postural system
  • 25% of all motor and muscular control is voluntary, conversely 75% is involuntary.
  • The mandible, as well as the inner ear, also play their respective parts.

Since 1983, some of the leading experts in their respective fields, consolidated their research and studies to homogenize a system of testing and treating each sensor as a global approach to better advance the field of what is now know as Posturology.

History of Posturology
Posturology has been at the forefront of treating the causes of muscular imbalances , which has been the leading cause for 92% of adults with neck, back , knee , hip and spinal pain.  Today’s approaches from physio, osteo, and other health practitioners is to treat the symptoms of acute pain, and not the root causes of that pain.

Practicing Posturology
As posturologists , we are trained in assessing and treating the primary source via kinetic and neurophysiological pathways. With years of overwhelming success in Europe , Asia , south America , the BRICOT TPS System is increasing it’s stronghold as the latest in advancements with science based treatment using a simple , non- invasive clinical solution.

One simple global examination of all the sensors and it’s correlations to said imbalances and pain sources is completed in less than an hour. Not only are the sources pinpointed, they are treated immediately without trepidation.  All consultations and follow-ups are insured under naturopathic insurance.  Although it has only been available in Canada for a few short years, it was quickly adopted by athletes and professionals here. The Bricot TPS system is now being taught in New York, Toronto, Vancouver, California, and is based here in Montreal. The goal is to offer this approach to the general public. This is a unique opportunity for most to finally get the answers they’ve long been looking for.

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Naturopath and Posturologist – Gary Jasmin has studied Posturology under Dr. Bernard Bricot and is a graduate and proud member of both  C.I.E.S ( College Internationale  D etude De La Statique ) and  Emdac ( Ecole de medecines  douces et alternative du Canada ).    


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