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Prescriptive Fitness. It’s what your body needs.

Prescriptive Fitness is the ultimate experience in personal training.
Whatever your goals, your activity level or your physical ability, we want to work with you. Prescriptive Fitness works with your body, your lifestyle and your needs, to improve your performance, boost your energy, help you loose weight and generally feel great. Wether you’re a couch potato, recreational sports enthusiast or professional athlete, Prescriptive Fitness gives you the edge you need for success. Our name says it all, this is where you will get a complete fitness plan that is designed just for you.

Our approach to health is holistic. Many factors influence your health and physical condition; they all need to be considered in your fitness and wellness program to ensure success and maximize results. It is important for these factors to be in balance and work in harmony, so that you get the best results for all your hard work. We assess your current fitness level, lifestyle, nutrition, digestion, sleep patterns, fitness routine, stress level and the impact that these actually have on your body, your hormonal response, your energy level and your general health. With those results in hand, we can get to work with a plan customized to you and your goals, your prescriptive fitness plan.

While building muscle and cardio endurance are an important part of personal training, our experts are trained in a variety of specialized services to address your individual needs. You can read about each of the services and the role they play in building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in our Services section.
Your prescriptive fitness program will be a direct reflection of your assessment results.

You will notice the difference

We are serious about your goals and your health.

Prescriptive Fitness is a personal training service in Montreal, Qc, Canada for people who are serious about their health and fitness. We offer personal training services like no other. Our team of professionals have years of training, studying and experience covering all aspects of health, such as posture, nutrition, physiology, biomechanics, and corrective conditioning to name a few. Read more about our services.

Your fitness prescription is designed to balance all these elements. Each one has an influential role in your health, energy level and general wellbeing. When you build a fitness plan in response to each individual’s state, results are immediate and easier. PFIT personal training will find what’s right for you.
If you spend one hour with a PFIT professional you will be amazed by what they can tell you about your body and lifestyle. If you train with a PFIT professional you will be rewarded with results.
Prescriptive Fitness is a Montreal based personal training centre that offers a wide variety of services to help you reach your goals. If you are looking for personal training, in the Montreal area, please contact us for more information.

Read more about our personal training services and how we combine the key components of health to achieve the right balance for you.

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